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PROVIDE Has Kicked Off

On the 27th of February the kickoff meeting of the PROVIDE network was held at the University Medical Hospital in Groningen, The Netherlands. The consortium’s beneficiaries gathered in person for the first time, presenting their research and future projects of the doctoral candidates. Furthermore, a fantastic training on inclusive recruitment was led by Dr. Laura […]

We Are Hiring!

The PROVIDE Doctoral Network is thrilled to announce the recruitment process for talented and passionate PhD candidates has started! Why Join PROVIDE? Cutting-Edge Research: Being part of PROVIDE means engaging in groundbreaking research focused on vestibular disorders—a range of conditions impacting balance and spatial orientation. Our collaborative effort aims to pioneer new approaches for understanding, […]

Grant Agreement Completed

We are delighted to announce the successful completion and signing of the grant agreement for PROVIDE. This significant milestone marks the formalization of our partnership and the commitment of all parties involved to contribute to the success of this impactful endeavor. Thank you to everyone involved for your commitment to excellence and shared goals. Let […]