Welcome to PROVIDE, a pioneering doctoral training network funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe program through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). We are dedicated to addressing vestibular disorders, debilitating conditions affecting the inner ear that disrupt mobility and balance.
Understanding Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular disorders extend beyond mere dizziness and imbalance. They encompass a range of symptoms that can profoundly affect daily life. Physical symptoms often include vision impairment, nausea, motion sickness, and a loss of equilibrium. On a cognitive and psychological level, individuals may face challenges in thinking, memory loss, ‘brain fog’, as well as anxiety and depression. Individuals may also experience a profound disconnection from one’s surroundings and self. Vestibular disorders can also be accompanied by other inner ear disorders, including tinnitus and hearing loss.

Project duration (months)
Collaborative Expertise for Innovative Solutions

Our long term goal at PROVIDE is to revolutionize care and mitigate the extensive societal and economic impacts of vestibular disorders, including reducing healthcare costs and enhancing workforce capacity. To achieve this goal, PROVIDE brings together an interdisciplinary team from academia and industry, uniting scientific, clinical, and technological expertise to drive innovation in fundamental insights, treatment, and management of vestibular loss. Our approach includes developing new methodologies, advancing knowledge in vestibular research, and creating cutting-edge tools for improved patient care. We are dedicated to fostering the next generation of experts through specialized training, ensuring that our impact extends well beyond our immediate research.

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Our network’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated through robust research programs and high-quality doctoral training. We are focused on creating sustainable healthcare solutions and promoting equitable and inclusive practices in research, training, and healthcare. We welcome you to learn more about our mission to revolutionize the understanding and management of vestibular loss and reach out to us.